5 Reasons why you need to LOVE social media marketing for your business, and not just “like” it.

5 Reasons why you need to LOVE social media marketing for your business, and not just “like” it.
weCreate provides highly effective social media ad campaigns for a variety of clients. This article provides valuable insight into social media marketing based on our experience. Understanding these 5 reasons will help you boost your company's presence and brand awareness on all social media platforms.

As a professional in digital marketing and social media management, I have heard my fair share of potential clients worried that there’s too much risk involved when investing in social media marketing.

  • What if my company is misrepresented online?
  • What if it’s a waste of time and money?
  • What if there are no clicks, comments… or likes?

To put any worries at ease, and help business owners embrace this beneficial and pivotal marketing staple, here are 5 reasons to love advertising on social media... and not just “like” it!

1) There are so many ways to express yourself on social media

You’ve got something to say, right? And you want the whole world (or those relevant to your message) to hear it, correct? Well then, social media should be your best friend. Whether you want to promote a product, advertise a service, or intrigue potential customers to learn more about you; it’s all possible with digital marketing. With so many ad and post types available, representing your company in a way that’s true to your brand is easy. That being said, if you’re not familiar with the social media platform, you may accidentally overlook certain layouts that might be perfect to use when representing your business online. Professional social media managers know whether a video or a slideshow is more suited for your message and target audience, as well as what the right text-to-image ratio is to use in ads. We know the pros and cons of all the post and ad options available across many social media platforms, so your message doesn’t underperform!

2) Multiple Social Media Platforms are available for you to spread the word and reach the right audience for your business

With so many social media platforms to choose from, (including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) you’re sure to find a community that accepts your message and products with open arms. Each platform has it’s own particular audience, so be sure to research beforehand.

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Most companies don’t want to waste time trying to learn a new social media platform and they prefer to hire a professional to manage the accounts. Hiring a professional who knows the differences between the platforms will cut time-wasting drastically, and free up more time for the important stuff like engaging and responding to customers. Social media managers make sure your message gets seen by relevant customers and speaks their language, for optimal results. Speaking of results…

3) Social Media Analytics have your back and show you results every step of the way

Once upon a time, there was a magical social media algorithm fairy who bestowed upon its users (kingdom?) a great knowledge and understanding of ad impressions and click-through rates. And, no, that’s not just a fairy-tale; these days businesses can track important results on their social media ad campaigns and interpret the data for more successful marketing endeavors for the future.

Professional digital marketing companies know from experience how each statistic correlates with another and what numbers indicate the best ROI for your goals. At weCreate, we give our clients monthly reports that detail the results of their social media ads and posts, and give proof of what worked and what didn’t. Having these results readily available makes it easier to spend money in the most educated way, and little time is spent wondering, “wait… why didn’t we get any likes on that post?” We’re able to interpret the data, and make recommendations for future ads. We have tools up our sleeves like (A/B) split tests, which allow us to truly hone in on a better target market and create better content to use for various businesses.

4) Social Media Platforms create the next big marketing trends, and staying plugged in keeps you “in the know”

Just as your business grows over time, so, too, do social media platforms. Because being on social media is almost a must these days, having an understanding of current trends and new marketing tactics is in high demand. Recent developments, including Pixel tracking, retargeting ads, and Look-a-like Audiences for Facebook came into existence when social media marketers needed smarter and faster ways to target more relevant audiences for their clients. Social media marketing contributes to a bigger and brighter future for your business’s growth, regardless of the amount of likes you get, because you stay ahead of the curve and learn new ways to reach customers. Hire a digital marketer who feels invigorated by the potential of the rapidly changing algorithms, and who appreciates the art of developing new marketing tactics. These tactics can be utilized through other advertising avenues, so there’s no risk of losing money or wasting time.

5) Your Audience Awaits, and social media helps you find them quickly!

Whether you want to track clicks, comments, or conversions, social media ad campaigns are one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to collect important data about your potential target markets. Split testing (aka A/B testing) is a popular way for professional marketing companies to compare data and learn what markets respond the most to your message.

Split tests compare results of similar (yet, pointedly different) ads to see how different markets and demographics respond to your business’s product or service. Whether you’re focusing on how the scheduling of an ad works in your favor, whether more women or men respond to it, or the age range that seems most interested in your company, we can find possible niche markets you may not have considered. Hire a digital marketer who has an understanding of advanced targeting techniques and a natural curiosity for interpreting tests to see consistent growth and ROI for your business.

So, have you fallen in love yet? You should! Social media marketing has become business’s best friend when tracking customer engagement and trends. It’s one of the most stable and beneficial advertising platforms available today. As long as you hire a professional who loves (and not just “likes”) social media marketing, you will end up saving on costs, saving on time, and will ensure your business is represented accurately online. This way, you can free up time for more important business, off the computer!

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