How to Find The Best Website Design Companies for Manufacturing in 2019

How to Find The Best Website Design Companies for Manufacturing in 2019

The Best Website Design Companies for B2B and Manufacturing Know

  1. How to understand a target market and incorporate that knowledge into their design
  2. How to create a custom design the stands out from the competition
  3. That your key strengths should be emphasized throughout the design
  4. That your target audience should not have to question their next steps
  5. How to use content to generate new leads for your business

This article is written by a website design company, however, having seen so many businesses make the wrong choice in website design partnerships, we wanted to help you make an educated decision. It is a huge loss of opportunity to build a website that is ineffective in accomplishing your marketing goals, and it is a massive waste of time to re-do it two years down the road. Whether you use weCreate or not, we feel that manufacturing companies with a strong online presence are important to the U.S. economy.

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who should read this article

The article is for an office manager, marketing manager, consultant, or business owner that is looking for the best website design company to help their manufacturing or business to business company grow. Whether your business is in tool and die, injection molding, die casting, or other industrial services, the tips provided below can help you find the ideal website provider.

The Top Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing a Website Design Company

1. Assuming that a company who claims to be experts in your industry is the best choice for your business.

Why can this be a mistake? Many companies who claim to be industry experts have simply positioned themselves in that niche because of profitability. Profitability drives most business decisions, however, you as the sourcing individual need to determine if the agency can offer real value along with the industry focus. Often these industry focused companies pre-develop a website template with which they can quickly push out large numbers of websites - giving little thought to the unique aspects of your business.

How do you tell if an “industry expert” company adds value? Websites should display the unique brand and product offerings of a company, and contain unique content. Just like you would not use the same logo as another business, you should not use the same branding, layout, and content as another business. Among the thousands of websites out there, yours should display your competitive advantage both visually and through your written content. Instead of looking for a website design that is the same as everyone else in your industry, look for a company that is skilled at taking the unique brand of any company and designing a site around that brand. A company that has real expertise can also show you how the work they do drives real business and profits.

2. Becoming distracted by flashy “value adds”

Here are a couple of unfortunate reasons that influence website design hiring decisions:

  • COST SAVINGS. The reason websites are built is to provide value to a company. Choosing the best website design company should be based on how effective the website will be at generating your company new business. You are better off spending 15k on a website that makes your business grow by 100k than spending 2k on a website that does not help your company grow. If a design company has a track record of making customers happy, providing them with ROI, and producing amazing work, then you can assume you will get the value you pay for.
  • SPEED. We’ve seen repeated situations in which a manufacturing business decides to go with a web development company that claims to be able to finish their project in a very short period of time. In the end, the project takes as long as, or longer than our projected timeline, and the end product is less than desirable. Competent companies know realistically how long a website takes to develop and will not use speed as their differentiator. We use a program called the FastTrack that does speed up projects significantly, however we will always give realistic time estimates and do not suggest you hire based only on speed.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES FOR "FREE". Recall the old economics adage: there is no such thing as a free lunch. Once again, remember your main goal is to develop an effective website. A year of free hosting does not make your website more effective.

3. Trying to save money by doing part of the work internally

When we design a new website, everything that goes along with that website – pictures, written content, structure of the site, videos, taglines, branding – is all created with intention. The words that are written are based on research of the exact phrases people are searching for related to your offerings. The pictures are taken professionally so that the site impresses the visitor. The taglines are marketing creations that sum up your offerings for instant comprehension, and the branding elements are created by graphic design experts who understand how branding affects consumer perception. The point is that saving $1,500 by writing content yourself can make the difference between getting qualified traffic to your site or not – which could be the difference in acquiring a $1.5 million customer. Snapping pictures with your phone for use on the site versus using professional photography can make the difference between a site visitor perceiving your company as a quality provider, or them moving on to the next provider.

4. Hiring a website design company that uses a proprietary content management system

Content management systems are the tools that allows the owner or webmaster of the site to edit content after the site is built. The content management system is also a tool that facilitates the building of the site. Proprietary CMS’s can leave you “stuck” with the company who built the site, should you want to use another company for web management in the future. According to, around 26% of all websites today are built on WordPress, making it the most popular, versatile and effective content management system for most website development. We highly recommend WordPress for most website development needs. In addition to the reasons listed above, WordPress has a community of thousands of developers who have created “plugins” or pre-made solutions to common needs like events calendars, social media feeds, custom forms, and many other items. Using a proprietary CMS limits your ability to add functionality to the site in the future without exorbitant custom development costs.

some of our manufacturing website designs

Things to look for in a Manufacturing Website Design Company

  1. Look for a company that will spend time learning about your business and your ideal customers. The main way websites bring in business is by showing up in search results when someone “Googles” a search query like “Best Website Design Companies”. If your website is to show up in search results for valuable queries, the content on the site needs to be created by a professional that understands how to find the optimal combination of: Queries that are relevant to your business; Queries that have a high search volume; Phrases that are competitively attainable. The company should be able to explain in depth where they get the keyword data that drives content writing.
  2. Hire a company that is responsive, likeable, and trustworthy. Use your gut.
  3. Find a company that understands how a website fits into the overall digital marketing landscape, and that can offer you a road-map of next steps after the website is complete.
  4. Analyze previous website designs of the agency to make sure they have the imagination and creativity required to make your business look amazing online.

Educating yourself on how digital marketing and website design works for manufacturers is the best way to know how to delegate. We have created a tool that contains an unbelievable amount of immediately useable information on how to generate new business through the web – specifically for manufacturers (although the concepts are applicable to most B2B companies). The eBook is not an advertisement for weCreate, it is simply a guide that contains tips you can begin to put into practice right away. We hope you enjoy it, and that you will reach out to us when you are ready to take your digital marketing to the next level.

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