We Operate Under a Simple Premise:
our manufacturing websites will dramatically increase your opportunities.
a global manufacturing client Bill H. said:
“Even though we’d worked with marketing companies in the past, before hiring weCreate we had no real concept of what was possible – we’re getting business we never would have seen.”
these results are typical! how did we do it?

Here’s a chart that shows that customer’s website traffic before we launched the site, and after we launched the site:

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Manufacturing Website Design

Even though many manufacturing marketing and website design companies may have the knowledge to produce results, one key difference sets weCreate apart:

We have a passion for helping your company get new business and that’s not just talk, we demonstrate it with every conversation, and we back our talk up with results.

We have a step by step plan for creating a website that will impress your customers and produce RFQs, and we follow that plan, all while creating a site that’s visually unique and branded to your company.

what can you expect from an effective manufacturing website?

Here are a few things we know about how manufacturers benefit from the web:

  • We know that whether you are an OEM, or fall somewhere along the supply chain, there are
    potential customers using search engines to look for what you offer.
  • We know that a properly executed website and web presence contain your only opportunity to
    initially reach these customers.
  • We know that an improperly executed website and web presence will not reach potential
    customers, whereas, when done correctly, these assets invariably produce new business.
what are the next steps in engaging weCreate for your new website?

weCreate works with manufacturers around the country, so whether you are in Pennsylvania or California we know how to make the process easy and efficient.

The first step is to fill out this form, or give us a call at 814.314.9323

We then schedule a short conversation where we get to know your company a little better and you can get to know ours. For customers out of the general area, we set up a screen-share session in which we can show you how we approach website design for manufacturers, and show you results we are producing for other customers. After we produce a quote for your website design and you choose to work with us, we then gather the information we need to develop your website. Here is the general approach:


Customer Interviews
  • Developing a content wireframe
  • Creating a plan for the site design


Design Website
  • Create a graphic design mockup for the homepage and inner pages
  • Hold a feedback conversation on the design
  • Implement feedback and revisions


Develop Content
  • Content writers create draft copy for the pages of your site based on interviews and secondary research of competitors and keywords
  • Present the content to you
  • Implement feedback and revisions


Develop Content
  • Developers turn the design into a functioning website, on a content management system that allows for easy access and editing by the end users.
  • Install Google Analytics and other tools to track current and future marketing efforts
  • Hold a final review session, and launch the live site

Throughout our conversations and after the site is launched, we walk you through a roadmap to success in online lead generation for manufacturers. While each company we work with is unique, the process for finding your customers online is tested, tried, and works for every company we engage. Your website is an integral part of your online marketing efforts, but it is not the only part. Learn more about our manufacturing lead generation program here:

If you’re ready to start the conversation about your new website or have question, please get in touch today.

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