What the New Facebook Algorithm Means for Business Advertising

What the New Facebook Algorithm Means for Business Advertising

Times are a ‘changin’. The newest Facebook Algorithm has many businesses feeling adrift and alone, wondering how they’re ever going to be able to effectively market their business online.

Don’t stress! We know the answer, and it’s actually quite simple.

Repeat After Me: The Facebook Algorithm Change is Good

The newest change to Facebook’s algorithm places importance on building relationships and discussing topics online. Instead of a Facebook user being bombarded by ad after ad and feeling overwhelmed by messages, Facebook now makes popular posts from friends and family top of your feed (NYTimes). This is encouraging because now the emphasis is on discussing relevant topics, checking in on friends and family, and making the most engaging posts show up first. Comments, shares, and likes help boost a post naturally, so making content that is meaningful is more pervasive. Admittedly, yes, it will reduce the number of ads everyone is exposed to, which seems to be bad for business, right? But if you look at this change from a different perspective, it actually allows businesses with obvious value to prosper, while creating necessary white space that makes the most relevant messages stand out. We recommend embracing the change with open arms! This change in the social platform cuts the clutter and shines a brighter light on the genuine value of a business. So– the key to being seen and heard using Facebook ads is to stay authentically and consistently you.

Using Authenticity to Market Your Business Online

You have a great product or service, right? You know it benefits many people out there, correct? Then breathe– you’ll be ok. Change is scary, but acceptance is the first step. Instead of getting wigged out, let’s get amped up! This new Facebook algorithm, as described on Facebook's Newsroom, is working in favor of everyone, especially businesses. How?

  • The new algorithm places emphasis on the amount of engagement a post gets, which means businesses are encouraged to have more dialogue with their customers and be more approachable.
  • Forming dialogues with customers through more engaging posts builds meaningful relationships and promotes more brand loyalty (which means referrals and new leads!)
  • More opportunity to stay connected to your audience means more opportunity to learn about their lifestyles and behaviors, which will help you better promote your business’s value to them.
  • The new algorithm naturally calls for businesses to keep a consistent brand and voice in order to stay relatable to customers– which means staying authentic is a must!

So, how do you stay authentic online and make the new Facebook Algorithm your friend?

4 Easy Ways to Authentically Establish Your Business’s Value on Social Media

1. Remember your Mission

Remember why you got into your business in the first place– odds are it began from a place of wanting to help others solve a problem. Always reminding yourself of your mission while posting on social media will not only keep you authentic and relatable online, it will also help your posts have a consistent marketing voice, which should be carried throughout your other advertising outlets (like your website, print material, etc). Consistency speaks volumes to prospective customers.

2. Create an Experience for Your Customers with Thought Provoking Posts

It’s not just about the products you sell, the services you offer, and the benefits they give your customers (although we’re not knocking their importance!), Facebook’s goal with the new algorithm is to create more meaningful connection among users. Longer posts that are genuinely written are most likely to be given the thumbs up and the boost on your customer’s news feeds. The more interaction you’re able to get on a post, the more connection being made, and voila! – More visibility. Using the polls feature, asking for recommendations, or bringing up thought-provoking questions are great starting points to foster the most communication with customers online.

3. Utilize Facebook’s Live Video Streaming

The new Facebook Algorithm loves Live Video Streaming and places them at the top of news feeds. And it makes sense- as nothing gets more personal and authentic than unedited live video. If you’re comfortable in front of the camera, we highly recommend you start streaming– pronto. Start by sharing your company’s story and allow your natural charisma to draw in people. Customers will appreciate you for risking the occasional awkward silence, mumble, and possibly forgetting a specific word that you swear was on the tip of your tongue. Seeing you there– live– reminds them that you’re human, just like them, which makes you (and your company) more approachable. And don’t fret if the thought of being on live stream gives you the heebie-jeebies; many marketing companies, including weCreate, offer their clients strategies on how to implement Facebook Live Stream in more passive yet equally effective ways, ways that save you from nervously sweating on camera.

4. Have a Consistent Website that matches your Social Media profiles

Customers visiting your business’s facebook page may see the fresh, new logo, and posts that show how active you are online, but then upon clicking your website’s link to learn more, they are left feeling confused… bored… or worse– disappointed! Why doesn’t the design match the Facebook page and why does it look so outdated in comparison? Companies that invest in online marketing services must have consistent branding across all advertising avenues, and by far the most important advertising outlet of them all is having a captivating website.

Your website is the hub of all your business’s online presence; All paths lead to your website– or they should! Compare it to getting dressed in the morning for work: You want to present yourself as professional and show you’re experienced by the outfit you wear. Well, your website is your online outfit and social media, video, and any other supporting advertising medias are the accessories you wear to support that outfit. If your accessories don’t match your attire, people are going to wonder why and it will definitely stand out to them– and not for the right reasons. Staying consistent is key to being authentic online because your voice, design, and way you present yourself remains the same, so multiple personalities (or motives) can’t exist. People know exactly who they’re interacting with, and trust can be built.

So, go on out there and be the best advocate for your company you can be. By staying true to your company’s mission, utilizing Facebook’s highly valued tools like live stream video and more thought provoking posts, you can create genuine connection with customers and naturally boost your business’s brand awareness. Wait– really? Build lasting relationships and get more referrals just by being yourself?

We told you– it really is that simple.

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