Autism Society Northwestern Pennsylvania

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Non-Profit Website Design Services

The goal of this organization is to share their contacts, experiences, and friendships. The goal of this non-profit website design project was to enhance their image and to optimize the user experience of the site. The Autism Society of NWPA can help to inform you of the many professional agencies that can be found within their area, and to notify you of any important news or legislation that could affect your family as well as listen to your concerns and share the fun and laughter at family gatherings. The Autism Society of NWPA are part of a team that will assist you and your family as you navigate the world of autism. No one should ever have the feeling that they are alone. Autism Society Northwestern Pennsylvania exists to improve the quality of life across the lifespan of persons on the Autism Spectrum and their families in Erie, Crawford, Venango, and Mercer Counties through advocacy, education, service, support, research. Their activities are driven by the needs of the families involved.

Please Note: Our website demonstrations are merely flattened images of what a client’s site looked like when we finalize a project. As this is the case, you will not be able to interact with the page elements. We did this in order to preserve our original vision of the final product, as clients often will change things during the lifespan of the site. You may visit the Autism Society of Northwestern PA’s live website at

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before and after side by side comparison

Many non-profits come to us looking to update their website to better fit current design trends. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the client’s original website, and the new website we developed and designed to fit their needs.


servicemaster restoration by advance old site


servicemaster restoration by advance new site

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