Family Dental Care

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Dr. Johnson and the Family Dental Care staff in Erie, PA provides families with cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services. Family Dental Care also recently underwent a complete, tech-driven renovation, with state of the art upgrades to offer the best dental care in the area.

Please Note: Our website demonstrations are merely flattened images of what a client’s site looked like when we finalize a project. As this is the case, you will not be able to interact with the page elements. We did this in order to preserve our original vision of the final product, as clients often will change things during the lifespan of the site. You may visit the [client name]’s live website at

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before and after side by side comparison

Many businesses come to us looking to update their website to better fit current design trends. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the client’s original website, and the new website we developed and designed to fit their needs.


family dental old


family dental new site

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