MedEx Billing, Inc.

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linecard design

Located in New York State, Medex serves more than 65 EMS agencies with varied call volumes. They currently offer full-service medical billing for Emergency ambulance and not-for-profit ambulance companies, Advanced Life Support, First Response agencies, Aeromedical transport companies and others. Regardless of the size of the agency, their staff has continued to deliver unsurpassed performance.

Our linecard product line gives our clients an efficient means to advertise their products and services in a format similar to a business card, affording more space as a result of the slightly larger medium. Typically designed in association with a new website, with consistent branding in mind, we produce an informative advertising platform that bucks the trend of traditional brochure design. Printed on high quality card stock, our clients can be rest assured that their linecards will stick out among the competition, who may only have business cards, or standard paper brochures or flyers.

medex billing linecard
medex billing linecard

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