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MyJobShine offers a unique view into job pathways that many of their visitors have traveled to get to their current destination. Many job search sites will show the requirements that employers need for the candidate they want to attract. What one might not know is that the candidates who are most likely to get the job, not only meet the requirements but have so much more to offer. What successful candidates offer is a collection of what they are doing now, and what they’ve accomplished in the past. MyJobShine believes that job seekers are more than just today, but a collection of a thousand (and counting) dazzling, confounding, and brilliant days.

Please Note: Our website demonstrations are merely flattened images of what a client’s site looked like when we finalize a project. As this is the case, you will not be able to interact with the page elements. We did this in order to preserve our original vision of the final product, as clients often will change things during the lifespan of the site. You may visit MyJobShine’s live website at

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