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on site photography for website usage

Palace Business Centres was founded in Erie, PA in 1996 based on the concept that serviced offices with flexible terms would help small businesses operate at peak efficiency. They believe that the ideal workplace offers options to meet various work styles and terms. By observing a mix of professionals working together, PBC found that people enjoyed networking and collaborating. The non-traditional workplace was fun and beneficial!

Oftentimes, it becomes necessary to acquire photography for a new website project, as more often than not, a client will not have sufficient high quality images to facilitate that new design, nor will stock images do a particular business justice. Shoddy, poor quality images will break a well crafted site design, so our photography team knows first hand the exact shots needed to bring our websites to life. The additional benefit to having an in-house team means that the site designers and developers will always have access to the core image files, guaranteeing the highest possible image quality.

Seating Area
Seating Area

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