See Our Latest Tampa Medical Website Design

See Our Latest Tampa Medical Website Design

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest medical website design for a medical device manufacturer in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa website design features a beautiful and modern design flow, and it provides the site users with convenient and accessible navigation. The website also includes a cross-referencing functionality for comparable competitor products. For the client, the site is conveniently built on the WordPress content management system, allowing for ease of editing and adding content. weCreate provided photography for many of the medical devices which can be viewed on the custom designed product pages.
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What You Can Expect to See on Our Medical Website Designs

Every medical website can be expected to have unique target markets.  Before beginning the design, we analyze the target market for the website.  In this case, target markets are product distributors as opposed to a direct to consumer focus.  Regardless of the target market, it’s important to convey the unique value of the organization using the written content and taglines included throughout the site.  In addition, we build the credibility of the organization in various ways that might include associations, memberships, customer testimonials, and branding.  Each medical company will have its own methods to build credibility, and our design team finds aesthetically pleasing ways to incorporate these strengths.

Other Common Needs on Medical Websites, HIPAA Compliance and More

HIPAA Compliance

Many medical websites require the ability for customers to fill out private personal information.  When private information is involved, it is necessary for the functionality to be HIPAA compliant.  HIPAA compliance can have a variety of meanings depending on the use-case, but we help our customers identify their specific needs and implement a solution that provides convenience for their customers, and that keeps them compliant.

Google Tours

Many sites for local practices like doctor’s offices, dentists, and other similar businesses benefit from Google Tours.  These tours have advantages including a highly optimized Google My Business profile, and virtual tour that can be used on the website.  We find that the medical consumers appreciate the ability to get a feel for the office environment before visiting.


Testimonials from previous customers have a significant impact on acquisition of new customers.  We often incorporate testimonials, either by designing sections of the site to feature testimonials, or by embedding a feed from an external source like Google My Business.

Medical Search Engine Optimization

For medical organizations wishing to drive consumer markets to their site, it’s important to segment these consumer markets based on product or service offerings.  Normally each market uses different sets of search queries in search engines to identify potential providers.  Examples of these search queries might be “Chiropractors near me” or “Best laser eye surgery center”.   Working with a knowledgeable team to identify the searches that will bring in new business can have dramatic results.  The main search queries should have landing pages designed to show up in Google.  Over time, we often perform “Search Engine Optimization” which is simply the process of building up your website’s ranking for profit producing keywords.  It’s not uncommon for our medical search engine optimization clients to see their traffic and inquiries more than double in as little as a year.

Google Adwords, and Social Media Marketing

Google Adwords can be a very effective tool for patient or client acquisition.  Google Adwords works very much the same as SEO/Search Engine Optimization since it shows your listing in search results when someone “Googles” a term.   SEO helps build your ranking for these terms over time, and provides long term value, whereas Adwords allows you to pay per click for these search terms.

Social media marketing helps many medical practices build brand awareness and can also provide a modest amount of new traffic to their websites.  The difference between brand awareness campaigns and marketing like SEO is often where the consumer is in the buying cycle.  A person “Googling” a search term is most likely looking for a service immediately.  A social media ad can influence future behavior through a conscious or subconscious recognition of your business and brand.

What Can You Expect from Working with weCreate for Tampa Website Design

We realized that many web design projects can be tiring and difficult for the client and the development team, so we ensure that every project begins with a clear understanding of expectations.  After understanding your needs, we use our expertise in design and development, and our innovative project management and communication tools to give the client a product that is most often better than they expected.

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