Quit Getting Scammed by Fake Website Bills!

websitebackup scam

Websitebackup Company “dependable backup protection” is sending customers what appears to be a bill.  Many not-so-savvy individuals are being duped by these fake bills.  The practice of leveraging the general public’s lack of knowledge about websites and the online world is not new.  Websitebackup company is just one of a long list of scam companies, and no, you don’t have to pay the bill.  Certainly one would expect that the Better Business Bureau would help consumers by exposing the untruthful nature of the letter website owners are receiving, however that just is not happening.

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What exactly is a legitimate bill regarding your website?

1. Any bill for revisions or work on your website that you authorized.  If you don’t recognize the name of the company that is billing you, chances are you shouldn’t be paying them.

2. Your monthly hosting bill.  All websites require hosting, and most of the time you have your hosting set up as an automatic withdraw.  If you haven’t received a hosting bill for 6 months, most likely you have been paying for it automatically with your credit card.  If you suddenly, after those six months receive an invoice for hosting from a company you don’t recognize, please, ask your web development company about it before you pay it.

3. Your yearly domain name renewal (usually between $12 and $25).  Many of the scams out there are regarding domain name renewal and securing your domain.  You should already be aware of where your domain is registered and you should receive a bill for that once a year.  Normally the domain registrar will send you a notification that your domain is about to renew on your credit card.

4.  Actual website backups.  Your web development company or other entities may provide you with backups for your site, and may charge you for them.  First of all, it shouldn’t cost $70 for a backup, and second of all, you will have agreed to it at some point, and will know who is doing the backups.

The above items are really the only items that all website owners have to pay.  One of the other common scams to look out for is companies offering to submit your website to directories with a bill attached.

Remember:  When in doubt, call your website development company and ask the question.

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