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Seeking web developers, designers, programmers & systems administrators

Who are we?
We are weCreate LLC, a swiftly growing Website Development/Design & Marketing company in Erie, PA. Our small group is comprised of driven, talented individuals who have an undying passion for bringing Erie, PA into the modern world of technology.

What do we do?
Our primary focuses are designing and developing websites and providing marketing solutions for businesses in the Erie area. We also sell domain names, web hosting and a few other pieces of the technology puzzle.

What kind of talent are we looking for?
We are primarily seeking Web Developers (Freelancers & Soon Full-Timers) & Systems Administrators to help us grow in the volume and quality of work that passes through our doors. Below are some of the specific skills we’re looking for:

Web Developers & Sysadmins:

  • Familiarity with Content Management Systems (ie. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – Primarily WordPress & Drupal)
  • Experience with HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS – SQL is handy too
  • Experience with PHP Frameworks such as Laravel
  • Experience building websites or web applications
  • Experience with Server Infrastructure (provisioning web servers, databases, etc)

Job Opportunities

All freelancers that weCreate utilizes are considered for full-time positions as our team grows. If our team views you as proactive, skilled and reliable, you can expect to hear from us when we’re ready to add another team member!

Note: Inquiring to be on our freelancer list implies that you are well-versed in either general web development (CSS, HTML, etc) or strongly familiar with server infrastructure, etc. This form is not designed for inquiry of internships or trainee positions.

Get involved now and become part of something big in Erie, PA!

If you’re interested in being on weCreate’s Freelancer List, please fill out the application form below: