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Website Design For a Logistics Company & SEO Services – Case Study

Lake Shore Global Solutions offers a wide variety of international shipping and logistics services. Considering our goal was to continue to attract new international customers to their website, conveying these services to a global customer base quickly became a large focus of our design. In website design for a logistics companies we find it crucial to balance clear and effective content with eye-catching visuals and the opportunity to contact their team regardless of the page their visitors are viewing. Knowing we would also be providing SEO services for this client, we paid special attention to crafting headers, SEO titles, and meta descriptions that would help their site reach the top of Google’s page rankings. Since implementing these changes, we have seen clicks to their site double and impressions quadruple. A clean website design is integral to any business, but keeping site content updated and optimized for specific keywords in the only way to guarantee long-term results.

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