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What sets weCreate apart from others? After all, you could choose from thousands of digital marketing agencies for manufacturers. Here are the top three reasons why we think you should choose us to grow, brand, and optimize your manufacturing company.

  1. We generate massive numbers of qualified leads that turn into profits
  2. We can demonstrate and explain exactly how we’ll do it in a way you can understand
  3. weCreate specializes in manufacturing marketing because we love the industry and we’re awesome at it
Who we work with
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Our Process for Remotely Designing & Developing Manufacturing Websites

We have extensive experience creating a smooth and easy remote website design process, using virtual meetings efficiently to quickly move projects to the finish line. For customers outside of our surrounding area, we set up a screen-share session in which we can show you how we approach website design for manufacturing companies, along with the results we are producing for other customers. After we formulate a quote for your website design and you accept our proposal, we will gather the information we need to develop your website.

Your first meeting will be with Nate and he will be involved throughout your project to maximize your results:

Meet Nate Wheeler

weCreate CEO

Nate is a recognized expert in manufacturing lead generation. He has been a featured speaker and advisor to many organizations with a stake in the success of manufacturers. His expertise has benefited:

  • The US Department of Commerce (
  • The Manufacturer and Business Association serving PA, NY, OH, and WV
  • The National Tooling and Machining Association
  • The Industrial Resource Center Network (NWIRC)
  • Hundreds of manufacturers around the U.S. and the world

Other accomplishments include:

  • United States Marine Corps Infantry 2004-2008 with one tour in Iraq
  • MBA focused in International Business and Marketing
  • Founder of “TriState Manufacturers Marketplace”

Nate’s passion and expertise lies in understanding the capabilities of an individual manufacturer, and translating that knowledge into a website or digital marketing campaign which targets and draws in that manufacturer’s ideal customer. The weCreate team is highly trained in using real time data to identify what your ideal customer is searching for, and making sure you are the company they find.

To speak to weCreate about helping your company with a website or marketing, call: 814.250.8785 or get a quote today!

Who will I work with?

Nate Wheeler, the CEO of weCreate will begin the process with a demonstration of our work, and will guide the kickoff meeting for your project. After that you will have an assigned project manager, content writer, graphic designer (for websites), and developer (for websites), each of which will engage you in different stages of the project.

What's the cost?

weCreate has options that fit manufacturers of all types and sizes. We have a small machine shop marketing program which includes a simple website, and a lead generation campaign, and accommodates even 1 or 2 man shops. Our custom websites and nationwide lead generation campaigns are very affordable and are priced at or below industry average for similar products.

Why should I choose to work with weCreate?

Our focus on and passion for helping manufacturers grow, plus our ability to prove we can produce the results you need, are the top reasons. We speak the language of you and your buyers, and that’s not something you can find with every agency.

How many people work at weCreate?

We are a relatively small team of 15 developers, graphic designers, content writers, and marketers with big capabilities. We are process oriented and use technology to efficiently and effectively serve manufacturers around the country.

What services does weCreate offer?

weCreate is a full service marketing firm. Our offerings include website development, app development, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, Geofencing, Retargeting, graphic design, content writing, hosting, and more. We will guide you through choosing the services that will provide you with the greatest return on your investment (unlike many firms who encourage you to choose the services that generate them the most revenue).

How long does it take to build a website?

We typically plan for custom website projects to take 90 days. This timeline represents a very detailed process of understanding your company, designing, receiving feedback, and developing.

What results can I expect from the website or a marketing campaign?

While every company comes from a different starting point, with the redevelopment of an existing website, our customers generally see a 10-30% increase in traffic and leads from the website redesign alone. We most commonly encourage the client to engage us for SEO after the site is complete, and we commonly show 100-200% increases in traffic and leads in a 12 month period.
Manufacturing Marketing

Manufacturer Marketing Services.

weCreate has a culture of “results above all else”. This culture leads to us naturally making recommendations to our clients that create the most results. The reason this matter is that there are thousands of different types of marketing a manufacturer can do, but only a few will create significantly, and near-immediate impact. If you know what you need, then here’s a quick list of our capabilities, if you don’t, we do.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Getting you ranked at the top of search results for keywords that customers are searching for
  • Custom website design from standard content, case study, RFQ types, to full E-commerce manufacturer sites.
  • Geofencing, retargeting, other web ads
  • Graphic design for all of your line card/ brochures, business cards, trade show displays and more
  • Pay-per-click ads, or Google Ads

Our Manufacturing Website Design Services

Many of our relationships with businesses begin with a website design. We see the website as a vital “bottom of the funnel” asset which can make or break all of your other marketing efforts. Because the website is so vital we developed a process to complete websites quickly and efficiently. Our website design team is trained to use our initial “kickoff meeting” as an opportunity to gather all the vital information we need to finish the initial stages of website production. Our design team then creates the visuals, reviews the mockups with your company, implements feedback, and hands them off to our development team. The end product is a website that fulfills the information needs of your customers and prospects, fully meets your visual and functional expectations, and can be scaled and grown to meet future needs. Contact us today to receive a virtual demonstration of our work, and allow us to provide you with a quote for a new website.

Our Manufacturing SEO and Other Marketing Services

What gets us excited? Seeing our marketing efforts turn into profits for your company. Needless to say, we get excited a lot! The weCreate team has an unparalleled understanding of how manufacturers acquire new business, and how we can leverage your strengths to find you the perfect customers. Imagine if you had a website that gave the visitor a wow effect, and showcased your true capabilities, and that any time someone needed the services you offer, your website was right there in front of them – where they couldn’t miss it. Your company would be recognized nationally or internationally as a top option for what you offer. This scenario is exactly what we do for our clients, and the results are spectacular.

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