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Why Use B2B and Manufacturing Marketing Consulting and Training?

  1. Internal marketing teams can always benefit from a refresher of what’s going on in the industry around them
  2. Many college graduates move into marketing positions at MFG companies with much to learn about their field
  3. Most B2B organizations experience years of stagnant online growth until they engage an experienced firm
  4. If you want to avoid hiring for a marketing position, we are fully staffed to provide all marketing services for your growth
  5. Digital manufacturing marketing services are a sure bet, and it’s provable
Many business to business companies understand the limitations of their internal marketing teams, not because the marketers aren’t brilliant people, but simply because their scope of work is limited to their own company.  We can change that.

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What's Possible

We’ve reviewed thousands of manufacturer’s websites over the years, and even those with recently updated websites or those that are maintained by internal marketing teams are largely missing enormous opportunities because the sites are not being used correctly. Beyond your website, we have a program of proven marketing strategies that will create definite measurable increases in your bottom line. This training program is a 3 day, on-site session, conducted in an interactive classroom format. After each technique is taught, we work with your staff to apply it to your company.

a 15 second test

Does your company need marketing consulting? Here’s a simple pass or fail test that could potentially double the valuable traffic to your website and answer that question: Visit your company website and hover your mouse over the tab at the top of the browser. Usually, this tab will say something like “Widgets Inc.” or something to that effect.

Take a Look


If that label does not contain the main words a potential customer would type into Google to find you, for example, “Copper Widget Manufacturer”, then you have potentially missed out on hundreds of thousands of site visitors, and even more dollars of revenue.

Did you pass or fail? If you passed the easy test question, we have even more impactful ones for you! If you didn’t pass, then you can be assured your website is not producing what it could be, and it’s time to start a conversation.

As manufacturing lead generation specialists, we realize that manufacturers have a vast opportunity to get new customers from the internet audience.

it’s time to set your marketing staff up for success

Our 3-day Manufacturing Lead Generation course shares all of the digital strategies that marketing agencies like weCreate use to generate massive profits for manufacturers. Our marketing consultants will teach your team:

  • How to get your potential customers from around the country (or world) to your website
  • How to write articles that are guaranteed to get you new business
  • How to build a web presence that will create long-term growth for your company
  • How to communicate your brand and market positioning in a way that gets you more and better customers
  • How to save you over 10k/month in agency fees while generating exponentially more in profits
what you won’t get

You won’t get any of the following:

  • A bunch of papers and plans that never get implemented
  • A training course that your marketing team feels is too complicated to implement
  • Marketing strategies that are irrelevant or ineffective for your specific company
  • A marketing consulting session that lasts for 3 days, then you never hear from the consultant again
  • A course that’s designed to upsell. Although we may make a few recommendations that are outside of your team’s skill sets, our goal is to empower marketers to operate independently
  • The “catch”

This training course is exactly what we teach new digital marketing employees of weCreate. You may be asking “If my marketing team has years of experience and college degrees, shouldn’t they already know this stuff?” The short answer is “no”. To date, we haven’t found any degree program that shows marketing professionals how to actually generate leads online – especially in a way that is tailored to a specific organization. At best, most college students will learn a list of concepts without any application. The techniques your team will learn have been developed over nearly a decade by our experts – techniques we absolutely guarantee to generate your company new revenue.

what resources do you need at your facility to host our digital marketing consulting course?

As long as you have internet access and one or more employees ready to learn and put the principles taught into practice, we can help. Ideally having multiple of your personnel present, and having a conference room with a projector and WIFI would allow us to teach most efficiently.

what’s the next step?

The next step is to fill out the short form below so that we can review your website and get an overview of what’s missing in your current web presence. If we review your web presence and determine that your company is pretty close to having it all right, we may not recommend this on-site training course but may recommend our online refresher course or other options.

If we recommend our on-site marketing consulting, then we guarantee that it will turn your marketers into lead generation superstars if they apply the techniques taught.

A marketing consulting course for manufacturers that’s guaranteed to generate your company significantly more profits? Sounds like you should do something about that right now!

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