Small CNC Shop Marketing

Why did we almost quit doing marketing for small shops?

Nate Wheeler

Nate Wheeler

weCreate’s CEO and Passionate Machine Shop Marketer

We almost gave up

We almost stopped trying to run effective lead generation and website projects for small machine shops. Here’s why:

Many machine shops or manufacturers with one or two machines and few employees need a way to start bringing in small piecework jobs with a goal to grow to the point of possibly hiring additional employees and securing larger contracts. In the past our services have focused only on manufacturers that have the ability to have us perform our comprehensive services designed to position them in nationwide search for competitive terms, and create a website that demonstrates that large scale capability. Effective websites and marketing campaigns take a lot of money right? 

Small CNC Shop Marketing

Traditional manufacturer websites can cost $7,500 – $15,000+ & digital marketing can cost $2,500 – $10,000+ per month.

We have come to realize that some of the smaller machine shops need a simpler starting point that will allow them to leverage a smaller market and procure smaller contracts, with the goal of growing revenue and gaining the ability to pursue larger jobs. This program is an affordable scaled down version of what we do for large manufacturers, and provides an amazing amount of value that will set you up for long term success.

We turned website design plus the marketing techniques that generate business for manufacturers into a repeatable & cost-effective solution for shops as small as 1 owner operator.  


Building a simple but attractive website for your company at little upfront cost

Performing a geographically limited lead generation campaign

Consulting with your organization to convey knowledge we’ve gained from almost a decade of marketing manufacturers

Helping you develop a long-term growth strategy

What You Get From the Program:

Placing your shop in the view of larger manufacturers looking to outsource small jobs

Building you a “starter” web presence that allows you to consistently get new jobs

Helping you understand the roadmap to larger scale growth if that’s what you desire

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Starter Website Example

laptop website preview
screenshot of Fair Haven Machine's homepage

Timeframe, Cost, and Expectations

  1. Building Your New Website

    In order to allow us to spend the maximum time on the marketing techniques that will attract new customers, we have streamlined a process to quickly get you a basic website in a couple of weeks. We provide you with a content questionnaire, use stock photography in combination with any photography you have available, and immediately begin to build a web presence for you in your local market.

  2. Building Your Ranking and Credibility

    Within months of your website launch, you will begin to build ranking for your services. After 12 months, you will regularly receive inquiries for your services.

  3. Relationships without Commitment usually don’t Work

    Building a web presence that will consistently generate leads long term takes time and work, so we will ask for a 12 month commitment in order to make sure you get sustainable results from the campaign.

  4. So, What’s it Going to Cost Me?

    Cost will be all inclusive at $759/month. No separate website development or hosting charge, however you will not own the website until the 12 month time frame is complete. After the 12 month period, we expect you will be thrilled with the results you’re seeing, and we would like to expand our reach to larger market areas and job sizes.

  5. The Guarantee

    If you are not receiving viable business leads after 12 months, we will continue services for an additional two months at no charge. This guarantee only applies if you are able to provide us with a completed content questionnaire and approvals on schedule. This guarantee is put here to reassure you that this will work and to ensure you deliver on your end.

  6. The Aftermath

    As mentioned before, we would love to continue working with your company to expand our reach to larger market areas and job sizes. We can have that conversation once the initial 12-month program is completed. Should you choose to terminate services after 12 months you will own your website and only be required to maintain hosting services and basic maintenance to keep your website live at $50/month.

What They’re Saying

The real deal! Amazing experience from start to finish. The WeCreate team is very knowledgeable and willing to help in ANY way they can!

John Arp Manufacturer

My son and I were starting a new machining business when we found weCreate. We are 3 months into our campaign and already getting jobs that we would’ve never found if it weren’t for weCreate’s skill and knowledge of online marketing. We are excited to see what the coming months bring.

Mike Schantz Owner of a Two Person Machine Shop

We believe that this program will be the best marketing decision you could make for your small manufacturing business. Schedule your introduction call today and get a demonstration of how it works.