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The Definitive Manufacturing Marketing Guide (2023) front cover

Co-Owner of weCreate Nate Wheeler has seen it all when it comes to digital marketing. He has provided marketing consultations to hundreds of businesses, many of which are in the manufacturing industry. He builds websites, increases SEO ranking, and implements integrated marketing strategies for countless companies just like yours. Nate is in your corner, he wants to help your business succeed. Unfortunately, many manufacturing businesses fail to see the incredible power behind a strong, modernized web presence, causing them to miss out on countless valuable sales opportunities.

It is time to put the question of “can the internet really grow my company?” to rest. In the manufacturing lead generation eBook “The Definitive Manufacturing Marketing Guide,” Nate takes readers on a digital journey, showing them how to grow their leads and capitalize on online lead generation.

It’s 3:00 on a Wednesday afternoon and I’m walking into my third manufacturing operation of the day. I’m here to tell them why their profits have been down for seven consecutive quarters. Before I walked in the door, I noticed two broken windows and flaking paint on the outside of the building. Even before that, I passed the building because there wasn’t a sign. Now I’m inside the office talking to a secretary who seems really inconvenienced by the fact that I have a meeting with Tom. I notice her computer has a very large thing sticking out of the back of it (oh maybe that’s how they used to make computers). I do like the nostalgic feeling I am getting from the furniture which was probably purchased prior to 1970.

Finally, I’m sitting down with the sales guy who complains that things aren’t the way they used to be.

“Everything is going to China, there’s just no loyalty to U.S. manufacturers anymore,” he says. I ask him for a tour of the facility, so he hands me a pair of safety goggles and off we go into the dingy, dirty shop floor. The machines are mostly 50 years old, and I don’t see any technology tracking production or robotics assisting the operation.

We’re back in Tom’s office discussing the reason I’m there – the company’s website was built in 1998. “We don’t want to spend much on a new site, we really don’t get much business from the internet,” Tom says in a prudent tone. At this point my frustration is growing, but I’m used to it, so I patiently try to explain to him the importance of lead generation on the web. What I tell him is what I’m going to tell you, followed by a small bonus section at the end covering 5 offline items of incredible importance for growing your manufacturing business, which I’ve titled: “FIX YOUR S***” (which I didn’t tell him).

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