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If you are looking for results instead of reports, you’ve found the right partner in SEO. weCreate has a proven track record of providing unbelievable growth in leads and web traffic, through search engine optimization, for business ranging from manufacturers in global markets, to lawyers in local markets.

An SEO Overview by Nate Wheeler

weCreate CEO Nate Wheeler has 10+ years of experience in search engine optimization. He leads a marketing team that specializes in SEO and has unmatched expertise in producing real return on investment. We provide services for clients in Erie, Pa, Pittsburgh, Pa, and in many states throughout the country.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO Services & Best Practices

On-Page Keyword Adjustment – How We’re Different

  • We don’t just base adjustments off of keyword guesses or the ones you suggest. We use tools to identify the proper synonyms and additions to your suggested keywords so that we are using the words with the highest search volume.
  • We understand that the locations of keywords matter. Reusing a keyword many times in a page no longer works for on-page SEO. It’s important to use the right keywords, in the right locations, in the right numbers.

Off page content writing, or submitting articles and press releases

  • We don’t just send out random news releases or get your articles published on some low authority blog like some Pittsburgh SEO companies We use industry specific, authoritative publishing sources.
  • We use actual keyword research so the value of the article goes beyond just a backlink. When an article is published on an authoritative industry website, it has the potential to bring in potential customers, if it uses the keywords they would be searching for to find your business.

Backlink building – content without authority (or backlinks to back it up) is like a car without gas

  • Many companies ignore backlink building or write it off as “black-hat” SEO
  • If they do, they ignore the major factors that make a backlink valuable:

Monitoring and reporting

  • Most companies monitor and provide reports. The problem here is that the customers don’t understand the reports and accept the report as proof of value. There are only a few metrics that really matter:
    • Are your high volume relevant keywords improving in rank over a period of several months? Below one chart that shows a recent customer’s rank increase dramatically for their main service – nationwide. The customer is thrilled about all of the new requests for quotes they receive.
    • Are your number of quote form fill outs and phone calls improving?
    • Are you experiencing more sales from your website over a period of several months?
    • You might might wonder why we did not mention traffic. Low value content provides traffic just like high value content. The difference is the quality of the traffic. That being said, addition of blog articles optimized with researched keywords will help add to your traffic levels.
  • It can take some time to rank a keyword, especially in high competition niches, but if the Pittsburgh or Erie SEO company is doing the content writing and backlink building correctly and you can see it, it’s only a matter of time before your key metrics improve.

A little more about tracking and optimization

We extensively use Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the purposes of monitoring and analyzing traffic, and for finding new keyword opportunities. The examples below come from Google Search Console, which is a tracking code placed on your website. It provides data about your site’s visitors from search engines. We use this data to identify new opportunity keywords for on-going on-page SEO.

For example, we can find high traffic keywords for which your site currently has second or third page ranking, and then write an article with that keyword as the focus, or we may adjust an existing page to reflect that need. Each one of these keywords that we can rank on the first page gives us hundreds of new impressions a month and will bring in new site visitors.

This first chart shows a list of keywords for which people are currently finding weCreate in search engines.

The far right row shows “position” (where a website currently ranks in Google for that word or phrase). Any keywords with a position greater than 10 appear on the second page of Google and should be boosted if they have a good number of monthly searches.

The second chart shows the last 28 days of traffic, clicks, and impressions for an article we wrote called “How to Find the Best Website Design Companies for B2B or Manufacturing”.

This one article has produced 3,426 impressions and 17 clicks from Google search in the last 28 days. Clearly there is huge value in creating keyword optimized articles which is one of the techniques we would be using for your company. We could further boost the authority of this article using off-page SEO, which would increase its ranking for many of the keywords people are using to find it.

In summary, there are many companies out there that claim to do SEO in Erie or Pittsburgh and not all of them will do everything necessary to increase the amount of customers you receive through your website. This should have clarified what you need to be looking for when choosing the right provider. We hope you choose us!

Please fill out the contact form below or give us a call today. As always, we look forward to those emails from your future self about all of the new business you are getting from our SEO campaign.

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