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A Case Study: Holiday Gift Cards Campaign

Social Media Advertisements

Photo and video advertisements targeted toward specific consumer groups with clickable buttons that drive web traffic and generate sales leads.

Email Marketing

Emails created with custom graphics and call to action buttons to help direct traffic to a specific web page and increase conversions.

Organic Posting

Posts with graphic design and photography elements designed to engage with social media users who follow the client page.

The Problem

Each year, Cloud 9 Wine Bar pushes gift card sales during the holiday season. The restaurant’s website contains a form dedicated to gift card sales, but their web traffic on this page is relatively low. Cloud 9 needed to market the gift cards as a holiday present, and push traffic to the purchase page.

The Solution

weCreate proposed a simple and concise marketing plan comprised of social media advertisements, organic posting, and email marketing. They created a branded graphic that could be resized and reused throughout the campaign across all platforms, which helped strengthen product awareness and recall among Cloud 9’s target audience. weCreate positioned the gift cards as an ideal present for food fanatics and wine aficionados, and ran a final advertisement blast toward the end of the campaign targeting procrastinating holiday shoppers. Each advertisement, post, and email drove consumers to click a button or link leading to the gift card page, and sales were monitored through the page’s analytics tools. The resulting sales during this campaign boasted a 157% increase from the previous year, and a 400% increase from the previous month.

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The Results

Sales increased 157% compared to the year prior.

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