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Operating Nationally, Our Website Design Company in Erie, Pa Designs Premium Custom Sites made to Help your Business Grow.

Phase One

Intake, Research, Design User Interface & Experience

We are a premium website design company in Erie, Pa serving clients globally. Our website design and development process at weCreate starts with educating our clients on the “why” of what we do. Our website designs have purpose and are based on the combined knowledge of specialized experts in user experience, online marketing, and branding. Our education process is designed to allow our customers to share the most meaningful information about their company, so that we can produce a site that shares the most value with their target market. During the intake phase we discuss the ways our comprehensive marketing offerings can put you on a path to success after the site is developed and launched.
Phase Two

Website Development, Content Creation, & Writing

weCreate moves your site into the development phase after the site design is approved, ensuring that when the site is complete it fully meets your expectations. Our developers are experts in industry standards of ADA (WCAG accessibility), responsive design, and in giving your site that “wow” factor with interactive features. While our developers are building the backend of your website, our marketing team focuses on the front-end content creation. This content is based on interviews with your company’s experts, and on our research of SEO keywords that pertain to your industry. Once the content is completed, clients will be given access to review and suggest edits to make sure your website is as accurate and detailed as possible.
Phase Three

Training, Launch, and Ongoing Marketing & Optimization

Before weCreate launches a new site, we provide quality assurance and test the site navigation and coding elements on different platforms and browsers, making sure no details are overlooked. We can then train your team on how to make changes like adding pages, blog posts, or pictures, so that you always have the ability to maintain your site if you desire. After the launch of your website, our marketing experts measure and analyze incoming reports detailing how visitors interact with your website to better optimize our SEO strategies for greater engagement.

How Extraordinary Website Design Focused on Your Industry Inspires Users to Engage.

At weCreate, we are consultants first. Having built hundreds of sites, and leveraging our high level understanding of internet marketing, we are uniquely qualified to quickly gain a working knowledge of your company and translate that knowledge to a functioning plan for your success. Our customers love us because we set their success as our highest priority and produce a return on investment.

weCreate develops marketing-focused websites with beautiful custom design and functionality. Although our website design company in Erie, Pa had humble beginnings, we’ve quickly grown to a nationwide and globally recognized provider of truly exceptional websites and marketing campaigns. And we don’t stop there; our websites are strategically designed to convert prospective customers and streamline your company’s sales and communications. We build in analytic tools, allowing us to measure and optimize results.

Custom Websites Tailored for your Industry

weCreate’s custom websites are based on the two things our clients most commonly desire: unparalleled designs that fit their brand, and beating their competitors for keywords in their industry. These two items lead to many other benefits including leads and sales. Functional, aesthetically powerful, and keyword-optimized websites will guide prospective customers through the sales process and help increase conversions.

Over the years, weCreate has done specialized work for companies looking to surpass the competition in a wide variety of industries. There’s no limit on the web projects we can handle, but some of our most popular work has been in the following areas:

  1. Manufacturing Websites

    Our website design services started in Erie, Pa – a town founded in manufacturing.  Our experience locally gave us the expertise to offer services to manufacturers around the country including website design, SEO, and other digital marketing. From CNC Machining to stamping, sand casting, and beyond, weCreate has seen it all. Our unique history of designing and marketing manufacturing websites places us among the most skilled manufacturing website design companies in the country. We’ve spent years researching and creating content based around specific manufacturing processes, making the typical content interview process painless for our busy clients. Take some time to view the manufacturing sites we’ve created and get ready for a relaunch that’s guaranteed to produce more leads than you’ve ever seen.

  2. Resort Websites

    Looking to attract new customers to your resort or attraction? Do you need a website design company for your hotel or venue that is as impressive as your facility? weCreate has worked with major hospitality management companies to promote seasonal events, getaways, and packages designed to attract new and returning guests alike. We know how to design content that matches the energy of your business, and beyond that, our experts know how to properly market and advertise your services across a variety of channels. Contact weCreate today to significantly increase the number of visitors finding your resort or vacation spot online.

  3. Insurance Websites

    Insurance companies often struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition. With our phenomenal website designs, we make that differentiation simple. Our designers and marketing team understand your industry, and also understand how we can leverage your website to help you get more clients. Furthermore, we are capable of writing and marketing with a specific demographic in mind. Regardless of your area or image, weCreate can create a customized website for your insurance company crafted to attract new customers.

  4. Health Websites

    Perhaps more than anyone, healthcare companies realize the importance of the image they convey, and the critical nature of the language they use when communicating with prospective customers or patients. We understand how to protect sensitive client information, and how to integrate all the functionality your company needs for billing and marketing. weCreate has a proven history of creating innovative websites for health-related businesses. Regardless of your relationship to the industry, weCreate can work with you to portray a crystal clear image of your products or services to the demographic you’re targeting. Contact us today to learn more about how we can present your company perfectly to your online market.

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