weCreate Launches the Tristate Manufacturers Marketplace and Directory

Tristate Manufacturers Marketplace and Directory

New Directory for Manufacturers in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia

For manufacturers who are looking for ways to grow their businesses and create more supply chain efficiency, Tristate Manufacturer’s Marketplace represents a revolutionary model of procurement and collaboration among regional manufacturers. More than just a directory for manufacturers in Ohio, Pa, NY, and West Virginia, the site offers a variety of free opportunities to post jobs, promote offerings, and sell materials or machinery in addition to premium features that give access to advanced promotion. Some of the features available are:

  • Detailed profile listings for your business in relevant categories
  • The ability to search and filter companies
  • Premium placement at the top of categories for a small fee
  • Guest blog posting opportunities
  • Ability to search and post materials for sale
  • Ability to search and post machinery for sale
  • Ability to search and post manufacturing projects
  • Ability to search and post job opportunities

Why Should You Join This Manufacturing Resource Today?

The site is set up as a highly categorized and filterable procurement tool. As such, companies who join the manufacturers directory early, are naturally listed higher in their categories. Over the coming months we are rolling out a plan to enroll thousands of manufacturers throughout the tristate region. This directory for manufacturers in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia will benefit early adopters the most, both from a state level and an individual company level. In addition to your time-based position in the lineup, there are options to keep your business at the top of the list. Now is a great time to take advantage of these promoted spots, as demand for them will drive the cost down the road.

How this tool drives regional economic growth

As membership grows, we are reinvesting revenue into several digital marketing avenues that will drive business directly to the companies listed in TriState Manufacturers Directory. Soon it will be possible for a tier 1 or 2 manufacturer in California to do an online search for a term like “ISO certified Injection Molder” or “Heavy Industrial Fabrication Services” and these searches will lead them directly to our regional category page related to the search. The searcher will find the perfect fit company on site and will be able to reach out directly. This process is the definition of regional economic development!

In addition to the direct traffic, we are driving to members, the site will drive economic growth through facilitating partnerships among member companies and allowing them to procure services and other resources. Soon this marketplace will be the go-to resource for needs like hiring, finding new business, finding new partners, or selling equipment and materials. The key is that the sooner you join, the more benefit you will receive from the marketplace.

The Partners We are Looking For

There are a significant number of organizations throughout the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and New York dedicated to the advancement of the manufacturing industry. These organizations like the IRC Networks, regional manufacturing partnerships, and manufacturer’s associations are vital to the success of this exciting new phase of manufacturing procurement. We are asking every one of them to promote the use of this site to their members so we can work together to build a thriving regional economy. We know that the more registered users on TriState Marketplace we can get, the more visibility the site will receive on a nationwide basis, and the more economic benefit our region will receive.

If you are a representative of a manufacturing partnership or membership program, please take a moment to reach out so we can provide you with email templates or materials to share.

How to Sign Up for this Manufacturer Resource

Sign up soon for a big advertising advantage!

New signups are prioritized in their respective categories in the order they are entered, so getting signed up soon has major visibility benefits. We will be investing in advertising campaigns in the coming months with the sole goal of getting your manufacturing business leads. We are building our presence in Google for manufacturing search terms as well, which will lead manufacturing procurement to the category pages on TriState Manufacturers Directory.

Signup Instructions

    1. Visit: Register | TriState Manufacturers and record your login information
    2. Select your package:

tristate manufacturers packages

  1. Fill out the fields as completely as possible, including information like services, categories, tags, certifications, and more. Note that when uploading images, you should start with your company logo which will display as your main profile image.
  2. Click “submit listing” at the bottom and proceed to checkout for premium and premium plus.
  3. After completing registration, visit the marketplace area of the site and post any career opportunities, materials, equipment, or projects.

About weCreate’s Involvement in the TriState Manufacturer’s Directory

Over the past 7 years weCreate has developed a passion and specialization in the manufacturing space. Our industrial customer base has grown as we have demonstrated exceptional performance in building attractive websites and highly effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Two years ago we had the vision of a regional manufacturer’s directory that would facilitate collaboration and bring economic growth. We built a version one and began to manually enter our customer. Since that time, we have completely re-vamped the site to make it incredibly easy to source and to provide other avenues of collaboration among manufacturers. We then wanted to open it up to all relevant companies in our region. While other manufacturer directories do exist, there are none that offer the features of TriState Manufacturer’s Marketplace at our free or low-cost price points, or that have a regional focus. As a new offering, we are nimble and will continue to build on what we have created to continuously improve and make it an ever-increasing value to our users.  This site will represent a new model for procurement of manufacturing materials and services. We are seeing the industrial sourcing process shifting rapidly toward digital, and a well-organized and comprehensive marketplace like TriState is part of that digital transformation. Companies that leverage low-cost opportunities like this are positioning themselves to thrive in the new digital world.

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