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Custom Mobile Application Development.

Best-in-Class Web & Mobile App Solutions

weCreate delivers eye-catching, user-friendly web and mobile app solutions that grab the attention of target audiences and increase the number of customers online as well as on iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. Our design and development team works to stay on top of trending technologies, designing and creating functional web and mobile applications that keep you ahead of customer and business demands.

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App Development

Not Your Average Pre-Built App.

Prebuilt app solutions are designed to meet the needs of the majority. However, basic app builders are very limited and fall short for businesses that need a more personalized experience for their customers. If your business needs to combine multiple business processes, increase the customer’s e-commerce experience, or create custom software automation, developing a custom mobile app is the right way to go. Check out some of the custom mobile application projects we’ve completed for a number of industries.

Why Make a Custom Mobile App?

If your relationship with your customers extends beyond gathering basic information, you may want to ask yourself: “Would my business benefit from creating a custom mobile app?” If the tasks at hand are more arduous or could benefit from the convenience of having an app on hand — or from some kind of app-exclusive technology — a custom mobile app may be necessary for your business’s success.

Our Mobile Application Development Process

Creating a Reliable & User-Friendly Backend for IOS and Android

Successful mobile applications need to have a frontend that excites users and functions properly on all devices. But what really makes a mobile app or website application effective in the long-end is creating a reliable backend that clients can easily manage. Our experienced development team succeeds in creating a user-friendly backend by setting up all server environments and producing highly custom APIs for proper functionality. weCreate’s frontend development team is experienced in coding “pixel perfect” user interfaces for applications, matching approved designs as closely as possible. We develop advanced iOS and Android apps, as well as modern web applications in a mobile-first approach, making sure performance is the top priority. Lastly, weCreate installs analytic data codes for proper performance tracking and provides quality assurance testing throughout the project to identify any and all issues prior to launch.

Bring your Ideas to Life with Custom App Development

  • Barcode scanning – Shipping, Searching, Lookup, Tracking, Opening a URL
  • E-Commerce
  • Uploading/Downloading/Manipulating Photos
  • Capturing information from customers
  • Managing full complex customer workflows, tailored for the product
  • Improving customer relationships and loyalty
  • Real-time features like chat/collaborative editing
  • Digitizing tasks that would otherwise be manual/physical – ie. physical loyalty cards -> digital rewards account in an app
  • Building brand legitimacy
  • Informing users of events/offers using push notifications, etc.
  • Integrate with other platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, thousands of options)

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