A Company that Understands Manufacturing and Speaks the Language? It’s Not Too Good To Be True!

Effective website design for manufacturing companies requires these key elements:

  1. The provider must understand the manufacturing space and understand not only the company he’s working for, but understand their buyers
  2. The website designer must be able to apply experience from a wide range a manufacturing clients, and apply that experience to the new project
  3. The agency must understand the role of “search” or SEO and set a solid foundation for future marketing efforts 

As an industrial manufacturing focused agency, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace which makes our communication with your company smooth and productive. We know your company is unique, so we have a comprehensive interview process that often gives our clients “Aha moments” and helps them think about ways they can leverage their strengths to gain market share. We have a passion for manufacturers and facilitating their success, and you’ll have access to the proof and the testimonials on our first call. As a manufacturing web design agency, we provide the web expertise, so you can focus on production.  From our design team to our content development team, each individual works with your industry every day, and we know how to build a website you’ll love, and to help you grow. We are 1000% confident you’ll be impressed because we won’t stop until you are. Contact us today!

We use proven trust building methods like:

  • Client testimonials
  • Service landing pages
  • Showcasing the benefits of working with your business
  • Providing a brand that’s consistent with your offerings

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • WeCreate has been incredibly easy to work with throughout the entire process from the design of our website to the maintenance of the site. It has truly been a pleasure working with them and we are glad we went with them.

    Alec Zaphiris — Account Executive | Great Lakes Insurance
  • weCreate has allowed us to focus on our core business of hospitality while the design of their websites drive traffic to our locations with a clean, simple to navigate experience for both our customers and our marketing team. Our websites have become our new front door and they are crucial in creating a great first impression and driving traffic. Thanks to weCreate “mission accomplished”.

    Nick Scott Jr. — Vice President | Scott Enterprises
  • We are close with a number of new customers that have come to us because of weCreate’s work. The results we have received were more than we expected.

    Bill Hilbert — Project Engineer | PHB Inc.
  • weCreate recently helped us get a new website up and running and I was very impressed with the results. The team did a great job with the website design, as well as making the process as seamless as possible. Every member of the team has been responsive and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the job got done the right way! We will definitely continue to work with weCreate going forward.

    Sean McKinnon — Business Manager | Whole Health
  • The real deal! Amazing experience from start to finish. The weCreate team is very knowledgeable and willing to help in ANY way they can!

    John Arp — Corporate IT Administrator | Targeted Pet Treats
  • I’ve used the weCreate team for my rope manufacturing company website and a second business that sells dog leashes and dog collars. I love working with everyone there, they are helpful, insightful, and really great at what they do.

    Brandon Allen — Owner | USA Rope
  • As the Sales Executive of a company in LeRoy NY we were looking for a marketing company that could not only help us in marketing but bring new ideas to us and that is exactly what weCreate did that and more. My company is thrilled with what they have created for us so far and look forward to more as we all work on launching our new website and marketing material. The detail and research they have done and the fact they work as a team and with us has made a difference. I would recommend this company to any business that wants to grow and have the best marketing possible!!!

    Dawn Zachary — Sales Executive | MedEx Billing
  • From the day I first met with Brian, Nate, Zach, and Dave about a total redesign of my website, I knew I had come to the right place. They answered all my questions and were able to show me how they could create a website that would instantly draw new business for me. All these months later, they constantly are developing new tools to help. Within the first couple of weeks the new site went live, my business noticeably increased. They have an amazing technical support system and will help your business grow too!

    John Gallagher — Owner | Gallagher
  • As the marketing coordinator at Laser Eye Surgery of Erie, I wanted a local company to build our new medical website. From the initial meeting to the site launch, we were impressed with the weCreate team’s attention to detail and their communication. Now, we are excited to see how they can help us with social media. We highly recommend this company!

    Lisa Graff — Owner | Laser Eye Surgery of Erie

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Our Process

Our Process for Remotely Designing & Developing Manufacturing Websites.

We have extensive experience creating a smooth and easy remote website design process, using virtual meetings efficiently to quickly move projects to the finish line. For customers outside of our surrounding area, we set up a screen-share session in which we can show you how we approach website design for manufacturing companies, along with the results we are producing for other customers. After we formulate a quote for your website design and you accept our proposal, we will gather the information we need to develop your website. Here is the general approach:

  1. Project Intake

    We sit down with you to figure out the goals of your website. Then we develop a site outline and create clear deliverables for you to expect over the course of the project.
  2. Content Creation

    After the site map is approved, we will either assist you with content creation or write the content for you. This phase is ongoing throughout the whole project.
  3. Design & Development

    Once content starts to take shape, the design phase begins and we create a custom mockup that fits your exact needs. Upon approval, we turn the design into a live website.
  4. Final Touches & Launch

    After development is completed, we review the website with you and teach you how to make any future edits to the website. Once you are happy, we launch your new website!


Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design for Manufacturing Companies

We thought it would be helpful if we shared some of the questions we often receive so you can streamline your vetting process. Keep in mind that many of these questions and more are answered in our initial calls, plus we have the added benefit of showing you live examples of successful projects.

01 – How much does a manufacturing website cost?

Since this question is the most common, we’ll start here, even though it’s a lot like asking how much a car costs! The answer is: what sort of car (website) would you like to buy?

Well here are two types of websites a manufacturer might consider, and here they are with associated costs:

Custom Designed Informational Website

This type of website applies to most manufacturing service providers (contract manufacturers, fabricators, machine shops, injection molding shops and more). This type of website should include the following features:

  • Clear overview of each service on a homepage that builds credibility and has sufficient content length to rank in search engines.
  • Landing pages dedicated to subtopics. For a fabrication shop, these subtopics may be “welding”, “cutting”, “stamping”, and more.
  • RFQ Form
  • Careers feed
  • Blog feed
  • Key Personnel/About us
Custom Website Average Cost: $7,500 for website design and development, and $300/Page for content writing services.

Template Website for Lower Budgets and Small Shops

We’ve created a program for manufacturing companies that are just getting started and part of that program includes a template website. A template website is a pre-made layout which reduces project scope by eliminating the design phase – thereby lowering the budget. The key elements of this website remain the same as a the custom designed informational website, but does not provide flexibility in the way those elements are presented.

Template Site Average Cost: $2,500 and $300/page for content writing services
Note: These prices are very rough guidelines, and companies with many ecommerce products and large turnkey operations should expect additional expenditure that will ensure a comprehensive and detailed website.

02 – What’s the timeline for a website project?

We estimate the average custom website project to take 3 months from start to finish. Keep in mind that this is an average, and larger projects take more time, whereas a template website can take quite a bit less.

03 – Who manages the website after it’s finished (can we edit it)?

We empower our customers to take as much of a role in their new website as they would like to have. We provide you with an administrative training session after its build so that you can perform basic tasks like posting new content or articles, editing existing content, adding photographs or videos, and other items you might want to do on a regular basis. Clients who want us to handle all of it, and never wish to log into their administrative dashboard, can establish a monthly retainer which involves estimating how many hours they’ll need per month, and then they will receive a discount on our hourly rate ($125/hr), for that bucket of hours.

04 – How does the content writing process work when your company doesn’t know as much about our product as the client does?

The majority of our customers hire us because of our industry insight and specialization in the manufacturing space. We’ve gathered the experts we need to satisfy our (often very particular) manufacturing clients. Part of that expertise comes in the form of asking the right questions, and gathering information from key players in your company, then writing content in your voice. This process helps us:

  • Ensure you’re satisfied with the content after it’s completed
  • Ensure the content written has all the elements it needs so that your site shows up in search results when your ideal customer is searching

05 – What is the client role during website design and development?

While we’ve devoted years to reducing the client workload during the project, we still need your input. We’ve consolidated the points at which we need input to make your time investment as low as possible. The points where we need input are likely to include:

  • A detailed kickoff meeting in which we learn about your strengths & weaknesses, and discuss the best way to present you visually
  • A review of your website wireframe, or the bones of the site without much flair
  • A review and feedback session on the website design, or the visual without the functionality
  • Potential incorporation of feedback and re-review of design
  • Content writing interviews with a key player in your company (sometimes more than one) client review of written content and feedback final website review on a staging server (content, design, and functionality)
  • Website Training

06 – What’s the functional difference between a template website and a custom website?

A custom designed website includes a wireframing and design phase of the project. During this phase, our graphic design team uses the information we’ve gathered to create a unique branded design that presents your company story visually. While our template has been created to fit a broad swath of the industry, it may not allow us to completely show the unique aspects of your company. That being said, we have used both website types to create very successful lead generation campaigns.

07 – Do we own all of the assets you create?

Yes, after your final payment has been made you will own the website and may take it. The same holds true for the content we’ve written. This is not the case with all website design firms! Make sure you ask the question if you’re selecting a web company.

08 – Why should I hire your company?

Most of our customers have previously worked with a marketing or website design firm. The reason these customers are looking for a fresh start is because – in their words – “the company we worked with was unable to wrap their heads around what we offer and what our customers would be looking for”. weCreate is owned and operated by a champion of manufacturing who has a passion for helping manufacturers grow. We’ve provided consulting for the U.S. Trade Commission, volunteered for positions in trade organizations, and created an online marketplace for manufacturers. Our understanding of the industry as a whole contributes immensely to our customers’ success.

09 – Can I expect to see new business from the website you create?

Our services are ROI focused – meaning that when we work for a manufacturer, we intend for them to receive a return on their investment. Your website can be compared to a retail location. The way you present yourself here will have an impact on the visitor, and their likelihood of purchasing. Just like a retail location though, your signage may attract some passersby, but you will still need to advertise. We typically see a 10-20% increase in traffic from a new website launch because of the SEO best practices we incorporate, but with an actual SEO campaign after the site is launched, we can see 100-200% (and sometimes more!) increase in traffic over 12 months.

10 – What are the on-going costs we should expect after the website is finished?

Two main expenses are natural after a website is built. These two are:

  • Hosting (Monthly)
  • Domain and Plugin Renewals (Yearly)

Hosting is the home for your website files. The server which these files “sit” on allows the web to access the files and display your website to the world. There are a wide range of hosting providers out there but not all are created equal. weCreate has hosting experts that manage servers in data centers around the world to provide the best solution to our customers. We carefully allocate the resources required for each unique website to run quickly and to be secure. Depending on the server resources needed your hosting will likely range from $60 to $120/month.

Your domain is the web address for your website (ex. yourcompany.com). You purchase this name from a registrar and must renew it every year, or purchase a multi-year renewal. The fee for a domain renewal is between $20 and $30 per year.

The costs listed above are the only non-negotiable ones. If you’re looking for significant growth, you should expect to invest in the marketing activities we recommend in our initial talks.

Should I work with a consultant outside of weCreate during our project?

weCreate takes a consulting approach to each project. One of the reasons our websites and marketing campaigns are so successful is that each project contains the cumulative knowledge base of our years working in the manufacturing space. When we use a successful strategy for one client, we are able to apply that to others. When it comes to marketing and web strategy consulting, we are a one-stop-shop. That being said, we have relationships with outside consultants who rely on us when their clients need websites. We ensure that the consultant’s expertise is respected and incorporated into the project. If you’re already working with a consultant, rest assured that we can establish a working relationship and that both contractors can add value to the achievement of your goals.

11 – Are we never going to hear from you again after the website is completed?

70% of our clients work with us to grow their company after the website project is finished. Why isn’t it more than 70%? Believe it or not, there are companies out there that are happy with their current revenue. Trust me, I don’t get it either. At any rate, throughout the process of building the website, you will hear our perspective on your growth potential and what you should consider investing in after the website is complete. Do you have to wait until the new site is launched to start working towards growth? Absolutely not! Since high reliability services like Search Engine Optimization do take time to reach an ROI point, many of our customers like to get started on this concurrently with the website project. All SEO work already done can be migrated to your new website, so you’ll be a few months ahead of the curve when the website is launched.

12 – Where can I see some examples of your work?

You can view some of our work in our portfolio. It has numerous examples of manufacturing websites we’ve made over the last 10 years. If you’re interested in learning more about the websites we’ve built, contact us today.

If you have questions that weren’t addressed in the FAQs let us know and we will promptly respond!

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