Best Website Designs for Manufacturers 2021-2022

If you are looking for some of the most innovative designs for manufacturer websites, you’ve come to the right place.  weCreate specializes in helping manufacturers build the best websites, and then using our extensive experience to grow those manufacturers by driving the right type of customers to their new websites.  We wanted to highlight some of our best website designs for manufacturers in 2021 and 2022 so you could get a feel for our work and how we might be able to help you.  Here are some of our top website designs this year:

  1. The Custom Group – We launched three websites under the same group. These included:
  2. DC Electronics
  3. Hensa Stamp
  4. Multiple Sites in our Small Machine Shop Marketing Program

A Quick Overview of Our Website Design Services for Manufacturing

For most companies looking to redesign their website, weCreate stands out because of our dedication to the manufacturing space. Our focus on manufacturers allows us to speak the terminology, understand how to use the website to generate new business, and to communicate our passion through innovative designs. We have very reasonable pricing for our custom designs, but in the interest of serving manufacturers of all sizes, we have developed a non-custom designed website design program to serve very small manufacturers and machine shops.  Toward the end of this article we will feature a few of these companies that chose our “Small Machine Shop Marketing Program”.  While these websites are a little less flashy and custom, they are already helping these small shops achieve new growth.  Now let’s dig into some of our top manufacturing websites for 2021-2022.

The Custom Group

Overview: The Custom Group is composed of three companies that all work together to manufacture large platens, hydraulic presses, and other custom fabricated goods.  Custom Engineering is the largest entity in the group and provides heavy industrial fabrication.  The challenge weCreate was presented with was to develop a layout that would generally serve all three companies, and customize the branding and content for each.  Each site features a fantastic user experience that walks the visitor through each service and provides examples of work and related services on each landing page.  As always, our homepage designs serve to provide:

  • Immediate recognition of the company’s offerings
  • Credibility building through display of certifications, testimonials, and experience
  • Clear calls to action and contact information

1. – Best Website Design for Fabrication Company is now one of the best looking websites you’ll see in the fabrication space! Beyond just being a great website design which we launched mid 2021, since then we’ve seen the traffic nearly double.  Custom Engineering is seeing more leads from their website than ever before. To demonstrate some data, take a quick look at impressions, which are a measure of “views” in search results. These views are an early predictor of clicks, which indicate that someone clicked on the company’s listing in search results. This chart shows that almost immediately after launching the website in June, these views went through the roof, more than doubling overnight!
Google Search Console increase in impressions

2. – Top Website Design for CNC Machining Manufacturer

This design is similar to the Custom Engineering website but has it’s own unique personality to fit the Lamjen brand.  The weCreate design team always has some ideas up our sleeve for making our customers stand out online.  We believe that every successful manufacturer has something to be proud of and we know how to show that specialty to the world. Every site we build starts of with our team of experts brainstorming with the customer and asking intelligent questions so we can help position them to bring in the business they want.

3. – Another great machine shop website

Following the layout of the Custom Group, provides yet another example of great user experience, clear display of specialties, well designed search engine optimized content, and readily available calls to action. The site is visually stimulating and does a fantastic job of displaying branded elements.  Like the other websites in the group, Venango Machine saw significant increases in traffic and leads after launch.

4. DC Electronics – Custom Website Design for Electronics Manufacturer

DC Electronics is a manufacturer in Silicon Valley that specializes in manufacturing cable harnesses and assemblies. They came to weCreate with a very old clunky website that did not do a great job of clearly showing their capabilities, and was not generating much traffic.  Since the website launch DC Electronics is seeing more website traffic and leads than ever before.  We’ve more than doubled clicks and impressions because of the great work of our content development team.

5. Hensa Stamp – Full brand design and website development for Stamping Manufacturer

Hensa Stamp was a customer that came to weCreate after an acquisition.  They needed a full re-brand, and weCreate helped them from the beginning to find a domain name, design the brand, and develop the content and website. The site features an elegantly flashy design that does a phenomenal job of showing their unique specialties and capabilities.

6. Our Small Machine Shop Marketing Customers

The websites featured below represent a program weCreate designed to help very small shops achieve growth even with minimal marketing budgets.  It’s important to understand that in order to get leads online, the website design is only part of the process.  Because most types of manufacturing have hundreds or thousands of players, Google can’t rank them all #1 in search results. To rank, these companies need to perform “Search Engine Optimization” which is a complex combination of keyword usage in content, and off-page SEO which involves helping Google see the website as a credible source of information.  You can read more about this process here:
In short, just building a simple website for these companies is not enough to help them generate growth, so we created an inexpensive program that allows us to build them a simple template website (this is not a custom design but still contains all of the important elements a manufacturing website should have), and perform some basic search engine optimization so they can begin to generate leads. Below are a couple examples of this template website which you can see contain customized content, and basic incorporation of their brand.  The cost savings come from using the same layout which cuts out the design process and allows us to put effort into SEO.  You can read more about the small machine shop marketing program here.

If You’re Looking for The Best Website Design Services for Manufacturers, weCreate is the Partner You Want.

We always like to emphasize that you have nothing to lose from having a free consultation from our experts.  Every introductory conversation is loaded with valuable information that will help you navigate the complex landscape of marketing your manufacturing business, and you get to keep this knowledge whether you decide to work with us or not.  We genuinely want to see success for every manufacturer we talk to, and we think you’ll appreciate our laser focus on showing you the right way to market, instead of trying to sell you on services that won’t show real results.

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